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This wiki was created to catalog the various adventures, characters and moments found throughout the One Piece DnD Campaign run by Rustage.

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One Piece DnD is produced and streamed by Rustage, it is a DnD inspired One Piece Adventure streamed on his twitch and uploaded to his second channel, it stars four anime YouTube personalities!

The first is Matthew Crawford more commonly known as Tekking101 playing his character and the Captain of the Crew, William.

The second is 2Spooky playing his character, the Navigator of the Crew, Verona.

The third is Noble, otherwise known as Lost Pause playing his character, the Knight and First Mate of the Crew, Duros.

The fourth and final member is Briggs, also known as All Day Anime playing his character the Barbarian Shipwright of the Crew, Ragnar.

Kaeruu has made all the current character artwork for the series and is a big part of helping us fans visualize the characters, so definitely check them out as well!

ThighHighSenpai is the artist for the logo of the series, so definitely check her out as well!

The Adventure

This One Piece DnD game takes place before the events of the main One Piece story, around 2 years after the Pirate King's death. We follow an up and coming pirate crew by the names of William, Verona, Duros, Ragnar and Pearl as they fight across the South Blue to the Grand Line in search of fame, family, treasure, power, history and revenge. Who knows what will become of them, find out by following the series on Youtube or Twitch!

Discord Server

If you would like to talk about the series with other fans, then please join the One Piece DnD discord server. It is an unofficial discord server made by fans, for fans.